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Benefits of 3D Mammography

The field of medicine has been improved by technology in the departments of detections, screening, and treatment of cancer. Studies show that early detection of cancer increases the chances of treating it to full recovery to many patients. Most women in the world are commonly affected by breast cancer. Breast screening technology has been advancing steadily over the years with 3D mammograms being the latest medically certified and sure method used for cancer screening. Thanks to these advancements in the medical field, many women have been able to fight breast cancer at an early age hence living longer lives happily. The 3D mammography stands out over other types of screening since it creates three-dimensional images when screening the breast. The three-dimensional images give the radiologists an easy time when looking for cancer cells since they are able to manipulate the images and observe all sides. The detection of breast cancer at an early stage is therefore successful in most women who undergo thus tests. 3D mammograms have many benefits including the ones discussed below.

The 3D mammography is beneficial since it gives out a three-dimensional image which is detailed making it easy to detect any cancer cells which is unlike other traditional screening methods which give out two-dimensional images. As a result, the detection of invasive types of cancers has been improved by the use of 3D mammography. The detection of the invasive forms of cancer at an early stage have resulted to an increase in successful treatments hence many patients getting healed. The traditional methods of cancer screening do not fully detect the cancer cells hence a patient might be called back for additional screening. The 3D mammography has reduced the callbacks for additional screening since they are able to detect even the increasing number of invasive cancer. It can be a terrifying experience since the patient might think that they have breast cancer. 3D mammography has helped patients to avoid such anxious and unpredictable moments.

Women with heterogeneously dense breasts used to have a hard time when undergoing breast cancer treatment since the traditional mammography would need more that one test to successfully detect tiny cancer cells.Studies show that women with dense breasts have a higher risk of developing breast cancer. Despite the dense breasts, the 3D mammography us able to tell a mass of growing tumor from the breasts tissue, hence cancer can be detected. Though breast tomosynthesis, breast imaging, and screening has enabled radiologists to conduct safe and effective breast cancer tests. Another benefit of the 3D mammography is that it reduces the times a patient is exposed to radiation. The cancer is detected early when using 3D mammography hence the increase of cancer survivors.

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