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Importance Of Weed Control

If you have a farm in your home that you have planted your crops of choice it is very important to control all weeds that might be there so that the planted crops can get the numerous advantages that different weed methods control has apart from enhancing fast growth of the crops.

Weeds are usually the hiding place for pests and when they are in the farm the pests might end up destroying the planted crops that us why it is important to control all weeds found in the farm so that the pests might not find a place to hide in. Weeds usually block light from reaching crops that are planted making them to grow slow and be unhealthy this is why weeds are needed to be controlled so that the planted crops can get all the light that they might be needing to grow.

Another best thing about weed control is that it does help the crops that are planted to get enough water and food that they might need to grow this is because there will be nothing to steal their food and water since weeds do that and the crops end up dying. Once weed control is done in the farm crops get nutrients direct since there will be no root competition as there will be no weed so the plant will not share its nutrients with anyone or get weakened because of high competition of roots.

Controlling weeds before planting saves farmers labor and time
because when they happen to control weeds early the farm will have less weeds so it will reduce the need of cultivation. Weed control helps the crops in the farm to get air circulation this is because weeds tend to grow fast than crops hence making it difficult for the plants to have perfect air circulation so when they are not their the crops are safe.

Weeds usually compete with plants for space hence making the crops not to have enough space to grow so when they are controlled then the crops will grow without any difficulties because they will have all space needed. Weed control helps to alter the micro-climate below the plants as the sun and wind can penetrate deeper in the crops and also reduce humidity once all weeds are removed from the farm.

The population of pests that might cause diseases to crops is usually reduced once the weeds that might be in the farm are controlled because when the weeds are removed the pests too Wii not be there so the crops will not be attacked by pests and diseases too.