Tips to Secure Your House without Installing Alarm

General Article

Intruders are getting smart right now. They have already known that most of the houses have been secured with alarm. Even, the homeowners don’t hesitate to spend much more money to buy security camera system for house which is known as CCTV. However, intruders have improved their skill to turn off the alarm and CCTV then they can break into the house.

It doesn’t mean that you don’t need alarm or CCTV. In fact, you need those tools. However, the thing that you have to consider is that you don’t have to 100% relied on those security systems. There are several trivial things that give your house more protection.

What are they?

  • Don’t Install Doors Made of Glass

For the door in the entrance, make sure that it is not made of the glass. If you really want to have this kind of door, avoid installing doorknob near the glass. Do you know why? If the doorknob is near the glass, the intruder will easily break the glass and reach the doorknob to open up the door.

  • Make Your Front House Less Attractive

If you were intruder, which one would you choose? Breaking into the attractive house or less attractive house? Of course you would choose the first. Therefore, it is better if you don’t really put the attention to make your front side of your house too attractive. It will make intruders think that there is nothing to steal inside of your house.

  • Provide Lighting

It is trivial yet important tips you have to implement. If you want to secure your house, front entry has to be lit with lighting. In this case, it is strongly recommended that you choose ambient lighting for walkways and sidewalks. You can choose the best ambient lights in the lighting stores Australia.

Now, you have already known that securing the house is not quite difficult to do. However, even though you have implemented those tips, you still have to be careful. If you leave your house for couple of days, try to inform your neighbors that you are not at home. At least, by informing them, they will help to protect your house while you are leaving.