Top Reasons for Professional Solar Cleaning Services Prescott AZ Customers Recommend

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Solar panels are a way to save energy and reduce home utility bills. However, solar panels get dirty from the elements and no longer get the maximum sun exposure. Consider the top reasons for professional solar cleaning services prescott az customers recommend.

Solar Panels Inevitably Get Dirty

It is inevitable for solar panels to get dirty from all of the outdoor elements. For example, solar panels get covered with dust, mold, and bird droppings. And this buildup of dirt prevents sunlight from reaching the solar cells and reduces the overall efficiency of the solar system.

Problems Due to Unclean Solar Panels

When solar panels are unclean, the entire system loses efficiency and generates less energy. Poor system performance can ultimately mean a financial loss for the owner of the solar panels, who expects lowered utility bill and may even want to generate extra energy. Cleaning solar panels can improve the overall efficiency of the system, and well-maintained panels also make a home look great.

Do Not Depend on the Rain

Some people think rain is enough to wash away the dirt on solar panels but there is no substitute for professional cleaning methods. Unless the dirt is loose, rain will not make a significant difference when it comes to maintaining clean solar panels, and they will remain dirty. Plus, evaporating rainwater can make dust particles adhere to the surface of the solar panels.

Doing It Yourself Is Dangerous

Cleaning solar panels is not the safest DIY project since it is easy to fall without the proper safety gear, especially on sloping roofs. And walking around could cause breakage to solar panels and system components, which might not be covered by the warranty. A professional cleaning service has the specialized equipment and expertise to get the job done right.

A professional cleaning service knows the ideal cleaning solutions, equipment, and safety precautions to clean solar panels and improve the efficiency of the system. DIY projects can lead to injuries and losses. It is more cost-effective to hire a local cleaning service to do the job correctly the first time and enjoy the benefits of clean solar panels.