Tips to Secure Your House without Installing Alarm

Intruders are getting smart right now. They have already known that most of the houses have been secured with alarm. Even, the homeowners don’t hesitate to spend much more money to buy security camera system for house which is known as CCTV. However, intruders have improved their skill to turn off the alarm and CCTV then they can break into the house.

It doesn’t mean that you don’t need alarm or CCTV. In fact, you need those tools. However, the thing that you have to consider is that you don’t have to 100% relied on those security systems. There are several trivial things that give your house more protection.

What are they?

  • Don’t Install Doors Made of Glass

For the door in the entrance, make sure that it is not made of the glass. If you really want to have this kind of door, avoid installing doorknob near the glass. Do you know why? If the doorknob is near the glass, the intruder will easily break the glass and reach the doorknob to open up the door.

  • Make Your Front House Less Attractive

If you were intruder, which one would you choose? Breaking into the attractive house or less attractive house? Of course you would choose the first. Therefore, it is better if you don’t really put the attention to make your front side of your house too attractive. It will make intruders think that there is nothing to steal inside of your house.

  • Provide Lighting

It is trivial yet important tips you have to implement. If you want to secure your house, front entry has to be lit with lighting. In this case, it is strongly recommended that you choose ambient lighting for walkways and sidewalks. You can choose the best ambient lights in the lighting stores Australia.… Read More

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Your Fantastic Guide To Limestone Tile Flooring

Limestone tile flooring is used creatively in many non-traditional places all through the home. Though it looks best on the bathroom and kitchen floors and showers, some uncommon places like the mantle piece of a fireplace, a table top on the outdoor dining area etc look great with limestone. This natural stone stands out, when used in a shower, or a spa around the tub. Decorators feel that limestone complements other materials at home wonderfully. The natural look of this stone goes well with granite and marble. If you want a textured feel in your home, then the softness and unique texture of this stone looks great in various parts of the home.
Here is a guide giving you few tips on decorating your rooms with limestone.
Limestone is used on the shower walls and floors to create decadence like a spa. Use the polished ones with good patterned venation for the wonderful effect.
If your bathroom has space for a large bathtub, then install a deep sunken bathtub made of limestone. Indulge in the beauty of stone and create luxurious spaces to relax.
In the bathrooms, limestone can be used even on the vanity counter top. This way a royal elegance is brought within a simple bathroom.
A If you have a spacious patio, use limestone tile flooring with some accents of other stones. You can place a table with limestone top. This provides a perfect setting for Sunday brunches. Use these stones in the form of inlays on the floors.
Limestone flooring is definitely recommended by the architects if you prefer a home with classiness and beauty. The colours are earthy and desirable. They are equally used in the current and classic buildings. You can use them for casual settings or official settings based on the finishing. This … Read More

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Fitting A New Bath Screen Or Shower Curtain

A shower bath is a popular option in the majority of smaller suites as fitting a full shower unit into this space can be a tight fit. A shower bath incorporates both bathroom necessities in an ideal space. The shower bath will include the bath itself, a mixer tap or shower unit such as an electric or mixer shower, and a bath screen or shower curtain. It is crucial to install a waterproof barrier between your shower to avoid damp and spray affecting the rest of your bathroom space. This purpose made splash proof barrier will come in various shapes and sizes to suit your shower bath.
If you are looking for an affordable solution, then a shower curtain is both a stylish and versatile option to choose. A curtain combined with a bath shower mixer tap a fantastic money saving solution, also giving you the freedom of having a shower in a confined space. To install your shower curtain, you will first of all need to have your shower installed, whether it is a mixer tap with an attached head or an independent shower unit. You will then need to install the shower curtain bracket by drilling into the tiling. Do this very gently so that you do not damage your tiles and surround area. Secure the brackets tightly using the screws that will be supplied with your brackets.
A more elegant option for a waterproof barrier is a bath screen. These are available in various shapes and sizes to suit your bathroom accordingly. A popular choice is a folding bath screen, as when you are not showering, you can simply fold it back to create a much more accessible, open plan space for bathing. Most bath screens will come ready to be attached to the wall, with any … Read More

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